Charity Majors

Charity is a systems geek and scalability nerd. Before coming to Parse she built systems for companies like Linden Lab, Shopkick and Cloudmark, and developed a passion for resilient and self-healing architecture. She reads a lot of economics and drinks a lot of whiskey.

Charity went to school on a piano performance scholarship and studied philosophy, classical studies and music composition before dropping out to come play in the dotcom games.

Mattieu Gamache-Asselin

After getting his first iPhone, Mattieu fell in love with the mobile world. He discovered Parse as one of it's earliest users and immediately set his sights on becoming part of their growing team. At Parse, Mattieu works as a software engineer on all things mobile and web, but also jumps on any opportunity to talk to developers about this revolutionary platform.

Mattieu holds a Bachelor's in Software Engineering from the University of Ottawa, where he graduated suma cum laude. When he is not hard at work at Parse, you'll find Mattieu rocking out on his guitar or carving down the mountainside on his snowboard.

Héctor Ramos

Héctor worked as a systems architect for four years in the financial technology industry before turning to mobile app development. Héctor is most at ease in front of an Xcode window, but he is also a skilled Java developer with a new-found love for Ruby. His favorite kind of app requires a hefty backend behind it.

Héctor has been actively promoting startups, teaming up with a group of entrepreneurs to launch the Startups of Puerto Rico initiative which helped organize Barcamps, Startup Weekends, and the first TEDx conference to be held in Puerto Rico.

Héctor graduated from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.


Courtney Witmer

Courtney came to Parse in 2012 as its first Office Manager. Wearing multiple hats (vendor manager, food finder, recruitment liaison, and more) soon led her to the wonderful world of Marketing, where she fell in love with writing blog posts and learning more about Parse’s awesome developers for customer features. She now works as a Marketing Associate and looks forward to her continuing adventure at Parse!

Courtney has a B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Anthropology from Penn State University, a MS.Ed from UPenn, and a M.A. in Museum Professions from Seton Hall University as well as being a Teach for America alumnus.

Thomas Bouldin

Thomas is an infrastructure wiz. While Windows 7 was being developed, Thomas designed ways to reinvent how apps could interact with and integrate into Windows. This work yielded four patents and helped guide Windows 8 to its app-centric theme. After his research, Thomas developed the infrastructure for the Windows 8 "Windows Web Application" engine. Thomas then moved to Google to study cloud computing as a member of the Image Search team. His work there increased the infrastructure's scale, improved Image Search's agility, and dramatically reduced the latency for processing images. Somewhere along the way he picked up a bartending habit.

Thomas graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obsipo with a B.S. in Software Engineering.

Christophe Tauziet

Christophe is our UI guy. He's obsessed with pixel-perfect UI Design, and can spend hours trying to find the perfect style for a button. He enjoys spending his day shaping the perfect user experience. But he also loves giving life to his design by writing optimized, performant and reusable code. After working at Orange Labs, the R&D department of the #1 phone carrier in France, Christophe worked as a UI Designer & UI Engineer at Apple in Paris, where he worked on various web and mobile apps.

In addition to his work with these companies, Christophe designed and developed a bunch of websites and iOS apps as a freelancer, and co-founded a startup named FidzUp. He has an M.S. from EISTI (France) in Computer Science as well as a M.S. from Grenoble Ecole de Management (France) in Business and Management.

Bryan Klimt

Bryan was previously a search quality engineer at Google. He was part of the team that launched Google+ search and Search plus Your World. He began studying information retrieval and machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University, where he researched email classification, publishing one of the first papers analyzing the Enron email corpus.

Bryan is also interested in mobile app development and music, which led him to create the Music Synthesizer for Android open source project.

Bryan holds a Master's in Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon and a B.S. in Computer Science from Baylor University.

David Poll

David is a geek, and it shows. He first became interested in framework development working for Microsoft's Silverlight team, where he gained a healthy appreciation for the nuances of building software for other developers to consume. After working on Google's Chrome team, David found his way to Parse, bringing him right back to the developer-facing world he had grown to love.

In addition to David's work for the tech giants, David has found ways to combine mobile development with his hobbies, building a few successful apps for Android and Windows Phone that serve the a cappella and barbershop singing communities. His app development ultimately led him to Parse, and once he saw what they were up to, he had to become involved.

David is a Siebel Scholar and graduate with high honors from UC Berkeley, holding a B.A. and an M.Sc. in Computer Science.

Ilya Sukhar


Ilya is currently co-founder and CEO at Parse. Parse is a platform that makes it dramatically easier to build cross platform mobile apps. Parse was acquired by Facebook in 2013 and continues to operate independently.

Before Parse, Ilya was the first employee at Etacts (acquired by Salesforce) where he worked on all things product and engineering. Ilya started his career as an early engineer at Ooyala, a video platform company. Ilya holds a BS and Master's in Computer Science from Cornell where he did distributed systems research and graduated with honors.

Kevin Lacker


Kevin spent four years at Google on the search quality team designing search algorithms. He then co-founded a Y Combinator company called Gamador. As an undergraduate at Duke, Kevin won the Putnam Math Competition not once but twice. He was on the US Math Olympiad team. His favorite emoticon is :(){ :|:& };:

Kevin holds a B.S. from Duke where he double majored in Computer Science and Math and a Master's in Computer Science from Berkeley.

James Yu


James is a full stack force of nature. You’ll find him optimizing database queries, architecting new mobile features, and handcrafting visual designs and user experiences. He spends all day thinking about how to make Parse easier to use.

Prior to Parse, he was an early engineer at Scribd where he built many features of the site. He was also an audio hacker at Dolby Laboratories, contributing to the Dolby Digital surround sound psychoacoustic algorithms.

James holds a B.S. from Cornell and a Master's from Stanford in Electrical Engineering.

Ashley Smith

Ashley spent two years at Twilio in various roles spanning sales, marketing, and operations. Prior to Twilio, she worked as a cryogenics engineer in Atlanta but quickly realized cryogenics isn't as cool as it sounds.

Ashley holds a B.S. from Georgia Tech in Biomedical Engineering. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her quirky mutt, Lola, taking long road-trips, and watching YouTube clips about anthropomorphic animals.

Ben Hartshorne

Ben doesn't want to take care of servers, he wants servers to take care of each other. When not babysitting the ones that throw tantrums, he tries to teach them how to be cooperative and how to take over for each other when bad things happen (and letting their people know when it just doesn't work out). The star pupils get to spend extra time learning to work together more effectively and serve more traffic with fewer resources.

Before joining Parse, Ben practiced server reconciliation and conflict resolution at Wikimedia and Linden Lab. When not taking care of computers, he enjoys spending time outdoors, photography, travel, and adventure. Ben graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Cognitive Science.

Christine Yen

Christine is happiest when neck-deep in an interesting project. After starting a Y Combinator startup and working on consumer-facing problems across the stack at Aardvark and Google, she's excited to be building something developers love.

She graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Computer Science, tries to read a book a week, loves commas (and parentheticals), and is surprisingly crafty.

Scott Smith

Scott is one of our sales guys. Scott spent two years at Infrastructure-as-a-Service company Dyn making the internet a safer place. He's a former New Jerseyian who went west to settle in Silicon Valley. He's an Eagle Scout, Model U.N. national champion, and winner of NASA space camps 'Most Outstanding Camper' award.

Scott graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo Utah with a B.S. in Economics.


Stanley Wang

Stanley enjoys working everywhere on the stack. He was most recently building the deal personalization and recommendation infrastructure at Groupon. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft on its online ad relevance platform.

Stanley received his M.Eng. and S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. For his master's research, he focused on machine learning and speech recognition.

Brad Kittenbrink

Brad is a video game nut who somehow found a way to turn that into a respectable living. He co-founded Windward Mark Interactive right out of college which was later acquired by Linden Lab. Recently he's done some mobile development at Facebook and at Coffee and Power. In general he loves working on platform products that enable other developers to make awesome stuff. He has quite a few unfinished breadboarding projects, likes sketching people, and brews a bit of beer and hard cider on the side.

Brad graduated with honors from Harvard University with a concentration in Computer Science.

Nakul Patel

Nakul perfected his photocopying and binder-assembly skills during a two-year stint as a paralegal in New York. After that, he spent over five years at Google in a variety of roles including inside sales, vendor operations and sales management. During that time, he worked in Ann Arbor, Austin, Beijing and Tokyo; he only just recently moved to the Bay Area!

Nakul graduated from Hamilton College with a B.S. in Mathematics, where he was a TA, member of the Student Assembly, and Co-Captain of the Varsity Squash team. In his spare time, he loves to play squash and try new cuisines.

Fosco Marotto

Ever since he was first exposed to computers and programming at an early age, Fosco has been a technology and development enthusiast. Whether it be hardware or software, he has always enjoyed taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and putting them back together. More than anything, he enjoys applying what he has learned over the years to help others accomplish their goals.

Before moving from the east coast to join Parse in San Francisco, Fosco was most recently developing full-stack web applications and back-end web services for mobile apps.


Mike Kania

Mike, also known as Dynamike, started out as an operations intern at Linden Lab spending his days racking and stacking servers, fixing RAIDs and watching how systems break during Second Life's explosive growth. Over the next 5 years he took on the role of scaling out a petabyte scale storage system and occasionally broke things along the way.

Mike graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a BS in Computer Science, and proudly represents the UCSB Gauchos roller hockey team. He started a Masters in Human Computer Interaction before dropping out to give this operations thing a try. So far so good.

Bear Douglas

Bear worked as a developer advocate at Facebook and as community manager for the open source project SproutCore (now Ember.js) before joining the Parse team.

She holds a BA with honors and a Master's in Archaeology from Stanford, and spent her time digging up ancient cities and not-so-ancient parts of San Francisco before making the obvious transition to working in tech. In her spare time, she sings a cappella with Facebook's group The Vocal Network, which is exactly as nerdy as it sounds.

Christine Abernathy

Christine has a passion for developers and mobile technologies and has yet to come across a mobile OS she didn't like. This has naturally led to her role as a Developer Advocate working with Parse. At Facebook, she's worked primarily on the iOS and Android SDKs and in supporting strategic Open Graph partnerships. Prior to Facebook, Christine headed up engineering at Mshift, a mobile banking software provider, delivering iOS apps and mobile browser-based products. Prior experiences include co-founding Clickmarks, a mobile and enterprise middleware provider.

Christine has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Abhishek Kona

Abhishek landed at Parse, from Facebook, where he was hacking on the next generation storage system for Facebook. He likes all things backend, hence works on the Parse API stack. He gets excited when some one asks "How do we scale this?".

He got a Bachelors in Computers from NITK, Mangalore in India and decided that he did not need more education.

He is tinkerer and there is high chance he has tried the latest language or Database out there.


Ben Nham

Ben was previously an engineer working on the iOS Performance team at Apple. He contributed performance improvements to most of the stock iOS apps, core frameworks such as UIKit, and core system components such as the Objective-C runtime. He’s excited to branch out from doing pure iOS development to working on full-stack development at Parse.

Ben graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. in Computer Science.


Jamie Karraker

Jamie loves building stuff, which he spent a summer doing on the Social Plugins team at Facebook before going back to school to get his Masters. There he helped build a machine vision system to protect police officers stopped on the roadside. At Parse Jamie works as a Software Engineer on all things mobile and web.

Jamie is a team player, having been a captain on the most successful MIT basketball team ever, leading them to the NCAA Division 3 Final Four his senior season. He lead the nation in made 3-pointers that year, and holds the MIT records for career 3-pointers, career 3-point percentage, and most 3's in a game. He was also named to the Academic All-American 2nd team as a senior.

Jamie received his M.Eng. in Computer Science and his B.S. in EECS and Physics from MIT. When he is not working at Parse, you'll find Jamie playing basketball, lifting weights, jamming on his guitar, hiking in the mountains, backpacking around the world, or at a concert.


Andrew Imm

Andrew is a front-end developer who's spent over half his life writing Javascript and studying browser quirks. He came to Facebook with the intention of pushing the boundaries of code within the browser, and now brings that enthusiasm for optimization and performance enhancement to the Parse team. He enjoys making interfaces slicker and faster, and always keeps an eye out for next-generation web technologies.

Even if he mostly lives in the browser, Andrew spends his free time mucking around with hardware, building a home automation and entertainment system to feed his cinematic addiction. Additionally, he can be found doing anything from doodling cartoons to woodworking, and is an unapologetic country music fan.

Andrew has a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University, where he also studied Archaeology and early human writing.


Naitik Shah

Naitik worked on various SDKs and on Open Graph as part of the Platform team at Facebook for over 4 years before joining the Parse team. Prior to that, he was building products for developers at Yahoo. As is apparent, he enjoys having other developers as his target audience. From yielding in the next generation JavaScript to switching with Duff's device, he likes coding all the things.

Naitik got his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Syracuse University in New York, International Baccalaureate from UWCSEA in Singapore and did most of his schooling in Mumbai, India.


Grantland Chew

Grantland is a full-time mobile engineer and a part-time hand model. In college, he co-founded a startup called Punchd that later got acquired by Google. After, he worked at another startup called Kiip where he did all things mobile and made the Android version of a game, 7x7. Now, he has joined Parse at Facebook.

He is a rare San Franciscan native and loves working on projects from bicycle and motorcycle mechanics to soldering electronics.

Grantland graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Computer Science.


Ittai Golde

Ittai worked on the "facebook for everyphone" project at Facebook for 2 years before joining the Parse team. Prior to that he was head of development of USB flash drives at SanDisk, VP R&D at Aniboom (an animation vertical), Founder at Seaside software (communication company, acquired by M-System/Sandisk), and other positions during his 20+ years of futzing around with computers.

Ittai has also spent time working in physical security and the Israeli airforce psych evaluation unit.

Listiarso Wastuargo

Gogo was an intern at Facebook two years in a row, working on mobile Android and Pages. During his study he worked as part-timer at Zingmobile and competed in several programming and game development contest. During his free time, you can find Gogo obsessing with finance, learning musical instruments, or carrying his team to victory in DoTA 2.

Gogo holds a Bachelor in Information Technology from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.


Mark Duppenthaler

Mark joined the team after being impressed at how easy it is to create cross platform applications on Parse. His previous experience includes developing web apps, mainly on the backend and API side, where he experienced writing lots of boilerplate code to store simple data. As a former intern at Facebook he also implemented a set cardinality estimation mechanism for use in spam detection.

After growing up in Tokyo, Mark decided to head to the west coast, where he received his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from UBC at Vancouver, and only recently ended up in the bay area.

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