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Migrating your

In this video we step through an example migration, moving a Parse database to an external database provider. It's easy to do, and we recommend you do it as soon as possible.


Your First
Parse Server App

In this video, we set up and test both Parse Server and Parse Dashboard. The combination of these two projects with our open-source client SDKs gives you an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use mobile development framework. We also talk about how adapters can be used to extend Parse Server.


JavaScript and Cloud Code

In this video, we cover a few features of JavaScript and discuss the changes necessary when migrating from Cloud Code on Parse.com to Parse Server.


Contributing to
Parse Server

In this video, we walk through the process of creating and running tests, making changes to the codebase, and submitting pull requests to the official repository. We also touch on our code review procedures. We'd love to have you get involved and continue making Parse Server a great way to build apps.

Update your SDK

Sometimes all it takes is a quick update.