Parse .NET SDK

Build powerful and robust Web and Desktop apps using the latest .NET technologies.

Everything you need to
build great apps.

The Parse .NET SDK allows you to securely store data, manage users, and more in just a few lines of code. Query your structured data, geolocations, and photos without ever touching server code.

Rich developer features
like LINQ or TAP.

The Parse .NET SDK uses the latest features of C# and Visual Basic with rich features like LINQ and Task-based Asynchronous Pattern. Built by some of the folks that built .NET, the Parse .NET SDK from Parse brings together the best of both worlds.

Build powerful client applications.

Harness the power of .NET 4.5 and WPF to build incredible applications without having to worry about creating and maintaining a database or web service.

Enhance your web apps.

Keep your web application's data on Parse. Combine your Parse-powered ASP.NET application with our other SDKs and never build CRUD endpoints to access your data from Ajax calls or mobile devices again!

Connect your app to the cloud

The Parse Cloud handles your entire backend so your team can focus on making an engaging user experience. Don’t worry about databases, performance, or scaling.

Installation takes... seconds

Parse's .NET SDK is available through NuGet, so getting started with Parse has never been easier. Using just a single command, you can install or update to the latest version of our SDK without ever leaving Visual Studio.

Save data with ease

Save flexible data objects to the cloud with SDKs for every platform. No servers necessary.

Work with native objects in just a few lines of code. We do all the hard work.

Learn more by reading our Documentation.

// Create a new Parse object
var post = new ParseObject("Post");
post["title"] = "Hello World";

// Save it to Parse
await post.SaveAsync();

Find exactly what you're looking for

Send rich queries to Parse to easily fetch and filter your data.

Learn more by reading our Documentation.

// Build a query
var query = from post in ParseObject.GetQuery("Post")
            where post["author"] == ParseUser.CurrentUser
            orderby post.CreatedAt descending
            select post;

// Retrieve the results
IEnumerable<ParseObject> postsByUser = await query.FindAsync();
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