Parse Push

Creating, scheduling, and segmenting push notifications just got a whole lot easier.

The proven way to increase engagement

Push notifications are a direct channel to your app's users. Keep them happy and engaged with app updates, promotions, and more sent directly to their device.

Send notifications to your whole user base, or segment based on the message being sent.

A complex problem, one simple solution

Push notifications are a tricky endeavor on any platform. Parse simplifies the process and enables powerful targeting for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Send notifications via the web console, REST API, or client SDKs.

Built for massive scale

Parse Push is ready to handle notifications for your app, no matter the size.

Every day, our powerful infrastructure sends out notifications to millions and millions of devices across the world.

Push Composer

The Push Console allows any user, technical or not, to send notifications directly from the Parse web interface. Creating new push notifications is as easy as sending an email from your favorite email client or sending a text message to a friend.

The Push Composer allows you to preview your notifications in real time on the platforms you target.

Advanced targeting

Segment your audience and send targeted push notifications without writing a single line of code.

Users can segment their target audience based on any condition you can imagine (age, location, language, etc.) through our beautiful and easy-to-use Parse Push console. Increase user engagement by getting relevant content to the right people at the right time.

Advanced scheduling

Schedule your push notifications the moment you finish your campaign planning without having to remember to send each individual message.

Push Experiments

Confidently evaluate your push messaging ideas with A/B tests to create the most effective, engaging notifications for your app.

Share data between platforms

Marketing with the Push Console

The push console lets anyone in your organization send notifications with advanced targeting controls. There’s no need to write code to reach your users anytime.

// Push to a channel from an iOS client
PFPush *push = [[PFPush alloc] init];
[push setChannel:@"ipad_news"];
[push setMessage:@"The new iPad has been released!"];
[push sendPushInBackground];

Push from anywhere

In addition to the slick dashboard, you can push from any client enabled with the Parse SDK.

Learn more by reading our Documentation.

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