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Adding objects to relation. Error: You can't add an unsaved Parse.Object to a relation.

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I tried to establish relation and add objects to relation but it generates an error. My code is here.

// Declare the types.
var Post = Parse.Object.extend("Post");
var Comment = Parse.Object.extend("Comment");

// Create the post
var myPost = new Post();
myPost.set("title", "I'm Hungry");
myPost.set("content", "Where should we go for lunch?");;

var myComment = new Comment();
myComment.set("Content", "Jag tror kebabhus är bra!");;

//var user = Parse.User.current();
var relation = myPost.relation("PostId");

Please tell me what's wrong here. Thanks

Error: You can't add an unsaved Parse.Object to a relation. I am not understanding this error. please help me.

- Rana over 1 year ago

1 Answer


Objects need to be saved before they can be added to a relation. Since JavaScript is asynchronous, the save() operation on myComment has not finished by the time you added it to the relation.

Try using a callback for the save op on myComment, which would allow you to wait until the save operation has finished:, {
  success: function(myComment) {
    // The object was saved successfully.
    var relation = myPost.relation("PostId");
  error: function(myComment, error) {
    // The save failed.
    // error is a Parse.Error with an error code and description.

Hector thank you very much. Now it worked :)

- Rana over 1 year ago